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Mesh Pad Demister

The mesh pad mist eliminators offer an excellent combination of high separation efficiency, low cost, low pressure drop and quick delivery. They are generally used in a broad range of gas / Liquid separation applications and can be tailored to suit vessel size and shape

General mesh pad configuration

The mist eliminators consist of a pad of knitted metal or plastic wire usually sand witched between grids for mechanical support. When the vapor stream carrying the entrained liquid passes through the mesh, the vapor moves freely through the mesh but the inertia of the droplets causes them to contact the wire, coalesce and ultimately drain as large droplets.

The mesh pad mist eliminator is available in 2 configurations

  • Wiremesh weaved from pure metal filament
  • Wiremesh weaved from co-knit metal / plastic filament

Key Characteristics

  • Easy of installation
  • Cost effective and versatile solution for most mist elimination applications
  • High efficiency with low pressure drop
  • Easily tailor made to suit most vessel shapes and sizes
  • Quick delivery


  • Scrubbing systems
  • Absorbers
  • Evaporators
  • Knockout and steam drums

Material of Construction (MOC)

Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, nickel based alloys, titanium
Other materials available on request

Application  Material Style Wire Dia
Mesh Density Surface Area
Normal Micron rating
Very high efficiency in clean service Metal Fp- HE- A1 0.15 195 650 3
Fine droplet in removal in clean service  Metal Fp- HE- A2 0.15 145 480 4
General purpose clean service Metal Fp- HE- A3 0.15 112 375 5
Optimum efficiency & pressure drop Metal Fp- GP- B1 0.274 195 355 5
General purpose not totally clean Metal Fp- GP- B2 0.274 170 310 6
Heavy duty e.g. Oil & Gas Separators Metal Fp- GP- B3 0.274 145 265 8
Light fouling Metal Fp-DS-C1 0.274 110 200 10
Moderate fouling Metal Fp-DS-C2 0.274 80 145 12
Heavy fouling E.g. Evaporators Metal Fp-DS-C3 0.274 50 90 15
Acid Mists Polypropylene FP-HE-A1P 0.25 75 1120 5
Mist Removal Of Polar And Non Polar Mixtures Metal + Polypropylene Fp-HE-A1mix 0.25 200 625 3m
Chemical Scrubber Tower Polypropylene FP-GP-B1P 0.25 50 750 6