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Finepac Static Mixing Technology

Finepac Static mixers have proven themselves highly reliable in a wide variety of applications. Right from conventional bulk processes to processes involving corrosive media, temperature sensitive applications and critical processes Finepac mixer systems offer huge benefits.

Static Mixer Type FMX

The FMX mixer has been the industry standard for demanding mixing applications especially within the laminar flow regime. It provides excellent mixing characteristics even with widely varying fluid viscosities.

Static Mixer Type FMV

The FMV Static mixer is ideal for applications requiring a homogeneous and distributive blending performance in the turbulent flow regime. It provides a high mixing efficiency combined with large turndown processing capabilities.

Static Mixer Type FMX Ultra

    The FMX ultra static mixer is the next generation of static mixer featuring a significant pressure drop than the mixers of the previous generation. This results in significant cost savings as a result of reduced mixer and pipe diameters as well as through the use of smalls pumps.